Go Green Firefox Theme (New)
Potato Screen Capture

Potato Screen Capture

Go Green Firefox theme for Green Ecology enthusiasts

The most easiest way to Capture & Share screen shots online.

Deskpecker 1.0 Beta (New)


Can you see a Woodpecker in the above image?
Yes, that is the Deskpecker

Vista Eyes 2
Pepsi Volume Controller 5 (Updated)

Vista Eyes

Pepsi Volume Controller

A new graphical version of the popular eyes follow the mouse program.

Version 2 / Win2k, Windows XP / Free

An alternative for Windows master playback Volume Control.
Supported by Win2000, Win2003 & XP (Vista not supported)
Product Support & Downlod

Recycle Bin Laden 2.1

Recycle Bin Laden

This Utility replaces your Recycle Bin. Can be restored to defaults.

Version 2.1 / All Windows / Free /
Browser Hijack Retaliator 4.5
System Up Time Monitor 5.5 (Updated on 10/13/2009)


system uptime monitor
A complete set of Tools integrated to provide maximum protection against Browser Hijacks.
All Windows / Free | No Support for Vista
* We have discontinued the development of the product.
Download | Product Support Page
This program will display the system started Date & Time , how long the pc is running now etc. You can ask the program to shutdown the pc, restart, hibernate etc when a perticuler time reached.
Note: The program can monitor up to 49days.
Supports Windows 200 / XP/ vista.

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