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100 % Freeware

Window or Object Capture

Custom Area Capture

Full Screen Capture

Magnify and Capture

Screen Color Picker

Capture & Email using the built in Mail Client

Capture & Upload to ImageShack

Capture, Drag & Drop in one click

Capture and FTP

Capture and Save as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF , GrayScale etc.

No Nag screens. Very Easy to use interface

1.0.434 Version Update Notes

Imageshack upload problem fixed
(New redesigned imageshak.us home page was causing this error)

Important FTP Bug fixed

Edit with ms-paint seperate option added in addition to edit with default app.

Potato Screen Capture How to video

This video shows how to simply share a screen shot with another application and how to upload the captured image to ImageShack.us

800 MHZ minimum CPU with 32 MB VGA

1.0.434 Full Version !
Last updated 2/12/2010

Important ! Please remove the existing version before installing the new version

Suggested Amount $3.5
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Updates on technology and news regarding it
Technology is a topic that is continuously being developed by people dedicated to it. In fact, every day, there will be new articles coming out under the headline of technology. May it be new products or tips on how to handle some of the product of technology, there will definitely be an update on that particular topic.
ShutterVoice.com covers quite a lot of topics regarding technology. It gave continuous update to its users on the and a lot other interesting news that are currently going on in the tech world. In fact, it is also active in getting the coverage of the soon-to-be-released Verizon iPhone.
Articles are rolled out by the tens in ShutterVoice which is quite exceptional as most websites give out only a small number of articles per day. Articles such as the iPhone 4G which would also be known as the iPhone HD have received quite a buzz amongst its readers as well and as a result, a lot of articles covering these particular topics were produced by ShutterVoice.
Because of this, it is highly recommended to check on ShutterVoice regularly as readers will definitely get some new information on the website that will be worth reading.

Daily dose of Wordpress themes development
Wordpress is essentially one of the most used content management systems in the world. It comes with two different types which are the hosted version and the self-hosted version. People that have their own domains usually go for the self-hosted version of Wordpress while those wanting to use it only for blogging resort on using the hosted version of Wordpress.
Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in track of the development of Wordpress for any Wordpress developer may it be a theme or a plugin developer. This is because there are regular updates that are done on Wordpress by its developing team that makes it worth to check out.
One way of doing so is through WordpressDeveloper.com. It gives out useful information about Wordpress such as development updates and news about the publishing platform. In fact, articles are rolled out daily which makes it good for those wanting to know new updates about it.
Sometimes, there will be reviews covering Wordpress websites all over the world. These constructive criticisms can be checked out and in return be used by webmasters to improve their websites.

Wordpress information through WordpressDemo.com
The fact that Wordpress is the most widely used content publishing system in the world makes it hard to ignore its dominance in the Internet. Wordpress isn’t only used by small unknown websites but also by websites that are well known in the world.
Getting information about Wordpress is possible through WordpressDemo.com as they give out daily posts that are very useful. Some of these posts involve a new Wordpress theme or even a review of a Wordpress website.
is a great site to learn and know more about Wordpress and can be a valuable resource website for webmasters using Wordpress on their website.
The articles inside the website revolves around Wordpress may it be a review of a Wordpress website, some tips regarding Wordpress as well as information regarding a new theme or plugin for the web publishing platform.
The fact that Wordpress Demo is updated frequently makes it very appealing for readers. It is one of the highly recommended website to know more about Wordpress.

Getting the right information on SEO
SEO is a vast topic and getting the right information about it is essential because a wrong step can be a fall of a website. Knowing the right and wrong of SEO is important and doing it is as well. Getting this information can be hard for the webmaster but there is a solution to it.
WebOptimizationSEO.com is a blog dedicated to web optimization. There are a lot of articles dedicated to this topic and a lot of information for the readers as well.
There are hundreds of articles that should be checked out on this website. Blog directories are given out frequently as well as How-To’s which can be very helpful to those that are new on web optimization.
Although the theme of the website is the standard issue for all Wordpress installation, do not judge a book by its cover. The information here makes the theme less of a problem. Information here is highly valuable and is updated on a daily basis as well.
Web Optimization SEO gives out a lot of information that is worth checking. The fact that they are updated frequently makes it highly appealing as well. Those wanting to subscribe to it can scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click on Wordpress Entries (RSS).

Find here latest seo

Getting information about web development
Knowing about web development is important as it gives out valuable information for web developers and webmasters. Therefore, a web developer guide is an essential tool for this particular task especially if the webmaster is new in the field.
Because the topic is vast, knowing it in concise form can really help. One way of doing so is by checking out Webdeveloperguide.com. It gives out important information for the web developers and webmasters alike.
Web Developer Guide covers a wide range of topics from Blogging to XHTML. Articles are given out every day so readers can be sure that they will get constant update on the web development field.
Some of the topics being talked about are ecommerce and how to persuade the customers onto buying or trying the services available at a website. Tips are given out for the users and most of the time, these tips are tested and can be used in the day to day operation of the webmaster.
Usually, SEO topics are covered which may be quite important for new webmasters. This is because SEO is a very important aspect when it comes to web development and doing so may make a website and not doing it will simply break it.
All in all, WebDeveloperGuide.com is a recommended website to check as it churns out useful advice and information.

Getting tutorials and how-to from TutorialsBoard
Tutorials are one of the best ways to learn new things. Why? It is because tutorials are often easier to follow as compared with learning them by oneself. Knowing the right place to get these tutorials and guides are important.
One way of getting them is by checking out TutorialsBoard.com. The website is filled with tips, guides as well as tutorials in various topics such as Photoshop, SEO, and a lot more. In fact, a lot of these guides are very helpful and covers a lot of topics.
One article that is worth checking out is the Handy Online Shopping Tips on Tutorials Board. It gives out useful information for the online shopper on how not to fall for scams and tricks while buying online. Tutorials Board also gives out sign on what type of websites to trust and the kinds that shouldn’t be trusted.
In addition to that, the site also covers various aspects of search engine optimization which is good for web developers and webmasters. All in all, we highly recommend checking out Tutorials Board for the daily dose of information.

Information about the CMS Joomla
Joomla is one of the highly used content management systems in the world and is adopted by corporations as well as individuals from all over the world due to its immense features. The CMS paves way to various type of websites that can be made out from it. It is to no surprise that millions of downloads of the free CMS is made annually.
is one of the few aspects of Joomla which makes it a very handy CMS. One way of checking out the review of these templates as well to check out a few designs of Joomla websites can be made through JoomlaTemplate.net.
The website covers not only information about Joomla templates but extensions as well as tips for the Joomla users. These tips and extensions that are given out on a regular basis works well and information of only the best tips, extensions and templates are given out by the writer in the website.
Joomla Template is updated daily by its writer. Guides, tutorials, templates are just some of the many topics given out on this website. In fact, the website is newbie friendly and tutorials that are given out can be followed without much trouble.

New websites that are fun and interesting
Reading a can be quite interesting for a web developer as it gives out important information as well as criticism on how to improve a website. Ideas are often churned out through website reviews which can either be used by the owner of the website itself or another webmaster.
One way of checking out website reviews is by going to .com. Every day, there will be a new article rolling out that focuses on a site and how to improve it. The tips that are given ranges from the design of a website till its contents.
These tips can be very valuable and handy for a webmaster. It will give them ideas on how to improve their website. In addition to that, the website also tells the reader what to do and what not to do and how to be creative while building a website.
Some of the reviews come from prominent websites while others are reviews of sites that are unheard of. Nonetheless, it is constructive criticism that is being focused here at EnglishDomain.com which will definitely help and makes it worth checking as well.
The Best iPhone Applications
Apple is prominent for introducing the best iphone applications and even the best iPhone games in the marketplace. Its games and apps both are considered as the radical and ground-breaking device. In fact, the portability is considered as its major advantage. With the help of unique display and accelerometer, apple has again proved itself as the best handy gadget. Whether you are carrying palm pre, blackberry, iPhone or droid, in fact it is the applications that are going to make your phone brilliant. The app sight is booming. iPhone is still leading the applications race with approximately around more than 2, 00,000 apps.

But, developers are mixing out the best iPhone applications for additional platforms. For instance, presently goggles android market is having around sixty thousand apps. Therefore, it is very much simple to find the . Even palms applications catalog for pixi and pre has increased from thousand to two thousand apps in the past few months. Now, thousands of applications are available for symbian, blackberry and windows mobile phones. Experts say that iPhone is not the only leading smart phone. The iPhone possessors download extra apps than the possessors of rival devices.

Not only are the iPhone apps, the iPhone games also noticeable from the rest. Now, the platform of portable gaming is growing considerably. These devices are motion-sensing, sharp and user-friendly. The most famous and eminent game categories include simulation and strategy, puzzle and music, sports and racing, arcade/action, role-playing and adventure. Even android is growing at an outstanding and excellent rate. It has surpassed even iPhone in sales. Even the Android 2.3 is having a great fan following. Experts say that it seems like there is no plan for slowing down. In short, android is making an inspiring and remarkable progress at a lightning pace.

Looking for the best ipad and android applications?this is what you need

Are you looking forward to buy a new smart phone for yourself but confused as to which one to go with? Trust me you are not the only one who feels this way. The developments in the field of information and technology has grown to such an extent that all the serve providers provide the customers with the best ever applications. Talking for the perspective of the smartphones, two names that come without any delay are that of ipad and the android phones. Both of them have different advantages and disadvantages. However, the following discussion is designed to help you make the right choice of Smartphone for yourself. The and the best android apps in vogue at present, are talked about here.

For the people who are unaware of the different applications they can install on their android phones here is a description.

The expansion of this can be given as Hi AOL instant messenger. It is one of the best applications using which you may talk to your clients when on the move. The different features that are supported here stand next to no other IM.

Comeks fun photo blogger
If you are in some mood for fun and crazy stuff, then the Comeks fun photo blogger is what you need to install on your android phone. Using this you can make the best photos ever with different effects on it and then share it on the social networking site like facebook and twitter.

I am sure you have heard of the word thesaurus before. For the ones who are not well versed with the term ‘thesaurus’, it is an option using which you may get the synonyms, antonym and other details related to a word. Being precise, the application is now designed to suit your android phone too so that you may get the most of it and expand your vocabulary.

The ipad has remained the favorite in spite of the threats that were posed to its supremacy by the other contenders. However, below are some of the best applications through which you can get the most out of your device.

This application that can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost, is of great use to you in case you are a blogger. The user friendly interface and the other features enable you to enjoy as you work.

This has been the favorite game of the people over the years and now Apple Inc provides you with a chance to play the game on your ipad with your friends. You can play as many as 25 scrabble games at once and also learn some tricks every time you play.

Get to know the latest web trends 2011

Are you looking the net for some of the best web design trends that you may make a part of your ? In that case, this article will answer all your questions and provide you with some of the working trends that can be of great use to you in your online marketing venture.

Be creative in the designs you choose and try to add as much as personal touch to it. This makes your website unique and appealing to the viewer. Also, the magazine look that is given to the website is one among the latest trends that is creating great results for the website owners. One cannot overlook the charm that is added to the web page by the use of vibrant colors and well calculated fonts, as this works wonders in keeping the viewers stuck to your page.

There is good news for the gamers all over the globe, as they can now benefit from the playstation 4 that is nearing its release date. The special feature about this playstaion 4 is the use of holographic disk for the first ever time among the playstations.

With all this coming, how it will be the and the


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