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What you should have done, though, is protect yourself from these kinds of attacks in the first place, something that any decent spyware or virus program should already be doing. Besides the usual programs I recommend, take a look at Browser Hijack Retaliator ( ). It's free, so you've got nothing to lose.
By Dr. Emilio Bombay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Wow! Very impressive Zamaan..! I must say you have exceeded my expectations once again.
Jeff Evenmo Equte LLC - Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.

Just had to tell you that not only do I think very highly of your BHR program, but I also find your Pepsi volume control much more interesting than windows plain version. What really made me laugh though, was your Bin Laden recycle bin...I thought it was really cool to be able to add your humorous touch to the recycle bin. I love your cool sound effects too! Spiritwolf, USA.

Just wanted to say that your product works wonders. I had a problem which everytime I closed a IE7 window, it would get an error, and then all IE instances would close. Microsoft support was unable to resolve this problem. Using your Browser Hijack program, I was able to remove the problem in less than 5 minutes. Thanks for a great program. Robert Collins - USA

Thank you!!! When i first saw this was freeware i thought there had to be some catch like a virus, or it was actually shareware. Well let me tell you i was wrong completely, this did EVEN MORE than i needed, and i loved it. Keep up the great work. zack - Canada

i love your website and your products, they are really 100% spyware free and i find them very original and imaginative, please carry on with your good work and update me with any new products please!! Peter Isidore - United Kingdom

we have another winner. this program has all the features of winpatrol except that it is easier to set up as far as seing exactly what you are protecting. may even be better then hijackthis at cleaning up hijackers.. veentampa

Have used browser hijack retaliator since i first heard of it. has always worked fine.
i'm afraid of the internet without it. thank you. Thomas Anthony -US

A gem indeed,as stated by others,i wouldn,t be without it,a great discovery,and thanks for hosting,and to the author too. roddy

works like a charm...simple, clear, effective... robertguda

Makes IE cleanup like it was Firefox. gsteele

A quick way to cleanup the junk that IE has and leaves behind. henrypeck

This is a "Extremely Simple" and easy to use program that does exactly what it says it does. I have been using this program for some time now, and since I have been using this program I have not had one problem with any type of hijacking on any of my PCs. A must have program to prevent the unauthorized sites to your web browser. Give it a shot, the only thing that you have to lose ! - webexpressions

Browser Hijack Retaliator is a very smart add on. I give this product 5 stars and recommend it. Pros

I uninstalled it thinking it wasnt needed only to get a browser hijack the samenight! reinstalled immediately ,no more problems,thanks again. ARC,BERKELY,CA.

I Gotta Say Your Browser Hijack is Excellant Probably the best Protection For Internet explorer i found - Chris -US

I do have to tell you that your product, Browser Hijack Retaliator has already considerable helped me with a problem. What happened was that Spyware Doctor, probably my leading spyware remover, also installs some BHO's in order to better protect users against harmful ActiveX files. Only problem is that I've noticed that these files can create error messages. So I used BHR to remove them and everything is fine. It's much better than managing them in Internet Explorer. - Jan LaFata , Yuma, AZ

I only wanted to say one thing BHR rocks. Keep up the good work fellas - Tejas

like someone else said only when you uninstall it do you realise how good it is. - blackpool

" Rataliator indeed!!!"" Now i no longer have to worry my browser!!" - IcedChip

I really did not realize how good this little jewel was. Untill I uninstalled it and went back online, it was then I realized that BHR had been doing an amazing job. My firewall has been recording enormous activity since I unistalled BHR. It is going to be put back on the system. - indiananjoe_1

I just downloaded the Browser Hijack Retaliator yesterday. It is a great product. I love it ! Minh P Nguyen

Thank you very much for a GREAT Tool to protect the Internet Explorer. I have seen it today for the first on the Sides of Spyware Warrior. I downloaded it, tried it, translated it into German and brought in online to the users of our Board - Connie Bandorf

Your browser hijack program worked for me in 5 minutes after I spent hours trying to restore my hijacked IE. Thank you for making it available to use - sandy

Thank you for providing a security application for the public to use. - Dave

I donwloaded your free programm because since a while I get redirected to other websites and favorites are made automatically in my fav. list. In the help of your program I can read this - Philip

volume control is perfect, much better than the standard windows XP controller - ddisanti

Nice program folks. Just keep on like that. GNU Generation!!! -TerrorsChild, Croatia

I think the Tux Walk 1.0 is a most interesting software - Jonas - Hong Kong

Very nice. even beautiful , this pepsi volume controller. - Elad Harel , Israel

"Ahh! PEPSI; I particularly like the 'Always on top' option and the 'pouring PEPSI' test sound. Very nice. Brightens up my Desktop. - SouthP

CUTE.WORKS ON WIN 2000 PRO THANKS - Richard A. Klages

Your program looks neat & I wanted to try it - Cecelia Ann Sassak, USA.

Make some more funny stuff - Andrew Massa, USA.

keep up the good work...small is beautiful...even better as it grows - Fer Spain

Nice Program, just got it had a hard time getting it from lockergnome, to many pop ups and adware - Bill Thomas, US

I like the looks of your Explorer Magic program. Keep up the good work. Mark Latimer, United States

Impressive and, if I may say so, Very fun, software, Thank you - Patric J. Patten. US

Wonderful Site. Well Done - ondir, USA